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For help and advice booking your test or for any support regarding your appointment, please contact us via our dedicated Covid-19 email address and one of our support advisors will endeavour to reply promptly within 24 hours. If urgent assistance is required please call us..

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Common Questions

Who should book RT-PCR Test?

If you are travelling abroad, RT-PCR Test Fit2Fly certificate is requirement for international travel to most destinations, check requirements with travel agent or your destination embassy before making travel arrangements.

If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms such as new constant cough, fever or sore throat, loss or change of smell and taste.

If you have had contact with someone with coronavirus positive, whether or not you have symptoms.

When soon will get my PCR Test Results?

Family Medics Turnaround is SAME DAY RESULT with premium Service, you must have your test done by 10.30 Am on the same day.

How is Coronavirus transmitted?

Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets containing the virus. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, droplets land on surfaces and are also on their body and hands. Coronavirus is highly contagious which is why it has spread at such a high rate.

When another person touches those surfaces or shakes hands with an infected person, and then touch their face or eat with their hands, they become infected.

How Corona virus infection can be minimized?

Good Hand Hygiene, Social distancing, Use of face coverings and avoiding crowded and inside close human contacts can minimize the risk of covid-19 infection.

What is the difficulty to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

The difficulty with preventing the spread of COVID-19 among people is that it is believed around 50% of carriers do not display symptoms and many people only experience mild symptoms. Testing is the only way to be certain that you are keeping everyone safe.

How do I book my Test with Family Medics?

Feel free to call Family Medics friendly booking team to make an appointment.

Book Online at your convenience from Family Medics PCR Testing options based on your reasons by choosing either “PCR Test at home” or “PCR Test In-Clinic”.

Use our Walk-In central London clinic option.

Can I come to the clinic for Covid-19 PCR Test?

YES! If you are doing this for travel purpose or to exclude an active coronavirus infection when you are asymptomatic.

Will I get my PCR Test Result and Certificate?

YES, you will receive an official Test Result and certificate from the laboratory by email. If, you need hard copy, you can collect this from us.

Do you share my Covid-19 result with any third party?

Public Health England require every Covid-19 testing provider to submit patient name, date of birth and address of every person being tested, regardless of the outcome of the test. By booking test and attending clinic, you are consenting to us providing this

Information to Public Health England.

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